Discover the Tools That Easily Maximize Your Clicks into eBay

Affiliate links are the backbone of any affiliate marketing program. eBay has a variety of tools to simplify the creation of trackable URLs for every business model, all of which can be found in the portal’s Tools drop-down menu.

Customize individual links

Whether you want to link to specific items, landing pages, or search results, we have a variety of tools to help you quickly generate the links you need.
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Link creation on your terms: This tool points users to where you want them to land, whether that’s a specific listing, a page of search results, or even the eBay homepage itself.

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Fast and flexible promoting, right from your browser: This extension to the Google Chrome browser is the quickest way to create affiliate links while you browse eBay. It’s simple: Once it’s installed, navigate to the eBay item or page you want to share, click the Smart Share icon in your browser’s toolbar, and grab the link to use elsewhere or share it immediately on Facebook or Pinterest.

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On-the-fly linking: Once you add the bookmarklet to your preferred browser, any page on eBay becomes promotable.

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Affiliatize Your Entire Site

If your site already includes a lot of eBay links, or you run a dynamic, high-volume commerce site, you can save time with Smart Links.
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By adding one simple line of code to your website, Smart Links ensures all your past, present, and future eBay links automatically include your tracking information. This tool also transforms the mobile shopping experience by creating beautiful banners showcasing the product that invite users to click.

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Increase conversion rates

Close on high potential sales with remarketing: Personal display ads can significantly impact your sales volume by reinforcing the items buyers visited but didn’t purchase.
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Remarketing, two ways: By shopper interest, or based on your content. Smart Placements delivers customizable, dynamic banners that identify visitors as they enter your site and update the items displayed to match your preferences or their browsing history. Once you set it up, the ads will continue to optimize without any additional intervention.

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